replacing backband in my P+H Scorpio

what do you prefer for a back band (or such) in your kayaks? i have been learning to roll (trying) and been doing a lot of re-entry work…the back band is always flipping or crunching down.any good suggestions from all you experienced people out there? what can i use that is comfortable on long tours and not in my way with rolling etc… The one i have is elastic bungies off to the sides and 1 in the back.

Back Band
We are using a 2 " wide UHMW band with a 3/4 X 4 X 6" pad on the new Rockpool Alaw Bach TCC. The band is rigid enough to provide support to the very bottom of your spine and does not collapse during reentries. You can see a picture on the Reed Rockpool facebook page.

Foam Block
I use cut-to-fit foam blocks, which are glued in to fit against the small of my back, in my Explorer and RomanyLV’s. You can make your own out of thick mini cell, or order them pre-made from Virginia Sea Kayak. They fit NDK boats in particular, but my husband uses them in his Avocet.

I much prefer these to any back band and will be installing them in my AvocetLV once I get the measurements figured out.

thanks, good place to start
looking…hopefully i will get it figured out.i’m going to call P+H also.

I’d loosen it up and push it out of the way (back) or get rid of it all together.

And I’m speaking from lower back pain experience. At least try it because the P&H seat is pretty comfortable and provides enough support along the upper part of your glutes.

Paddlers seem to rely on back bands too much IMO, providing a false sense of support which results in poor paddling posture, which in turn can cause back pain.

i agree…
i don’t think i really use it…i’m going to try taking it out. thanks.What a pain in the donkey huh?

Backband Wisdom
Take it out and see how you paddle. If you’re uncomfortable then find an alternative.

As in most things kayaking, what works well for someone may not work for another. While back bands can be one royal pain, paddling experience over the years in various kayaks has no doubt helped many of us make the decision to either have one or not.

Foam Yoga Blocks
I took mine out and fit in three foam yoga blocks I got from walmart. It is easy to carve them. I think they are about $12 for two.

try moving it forward
I find if i move my back band farther forward, so that it’s touching my back when i am sitting upright, i tend to not lean on it as much, but if it slips back, or i try another boat i almost force myself into slouching or leaning back in order to touch the backband, so as long as i have it pulled tight forward i usually don’t have any problems


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If a backbands, I like the Bomber Gear ones if you can find them, or Immersion Research if not.

Both of the above anchor to the sides with straps, not bungies. The thing is - the straps need something to hook into. I'm not sure, from your description, if your Scorpio has something that would hold a strap on each side.

But for what I've found, the sides aren't the place to fix. The biggest re-entry problem with backbands is due to their not being well-anchored against the bulkhead behind the seat. I don't have this problem in my NDK boat because they have a small metal loop in the middle of that bulkhead. I run bungies from there to the strap that runs around the back of the band, fairly tight, and it stops it from flipping on me.

However I do not have such a hook in the P&H Vela, nor have I seen it in newer P&H boats. And I don't know what they use to make the bulkheads in their plastic boats - it may not be a material that'll support that kind of hook well.

You may be best off with the shaped minicell support mentioned by dcm.

that’s the route that i am headed for
i will take to a paddle shop and start there. thanks.

you can drill
for a backband w. a rigid strap, drill holes into the seat towers (sides of the seat).

Use a 1/16" bit to start slowly work it to fit the screw. Make all your fittings stainless steel esp. if salt water. Each side takes one screws, a ridged washer to seat into the the plastic and keep it from

torsioning around, and a knurled nut on the backside.

Can also drill a hole in a glass bulkhead at back of the seat using a cuphook screw, again secured on the backside w. a lugnut, to mimic the NDK feature mentioned by Celia if you want. Not sure if that would hold drilling thru the foam bulkheads common to plastic boats.

Backbands by Snapdragon and Immersion Research come w. ss hardware supplied. Snapdragon makes two kinds of bands, called simply 1 and 2. One is narrower and more pro-oriented, 2 is a little wider and more rounded topside.

IR makes the Lounge Band and the Reggie to fit kayaks w. seat tower bolts or ones that use webbing to tie in.

All four models have a variety of mounts included to fit just about any kayak w. either rigid strap or

adjustable webbing & shockcord.

There are youtube videos with how tos. Not that it’s hard.

I like a minimal backband small enough to stay out of the way. Don’t use while paddling, but it’s a good place to clip in a hydration pack, and a rolled up paddlefloat. I currently use the small Reggie on one seakayak and am planning to upgrade the other to the Snapdragon 1. I’ll keep the OEM supplied one on the second boat as a spare.