replacing bungee

Looking to replace a deck bungee on my kayak that the outer layer got frayed due to abrasion. Question I have is how to seal the ends of the bungee so they don’t fray? Seems like I could wrap in electrical tape, but would that hold with it getting wet and all? Would a small cable tie (zip tie) work? Any suggestions?

Cut 'em using a hot . . .
. . . blade. I use a Welder soldering iron thingy designed just for that but I suppose heating a knifeblade over a flame would work.

Cutting with hot blade is good. Also…
If you want to get a little fancier with the ends, you can do this…

Once cut, “snap” the very end with your finger a few times to just loosen up the casing. Carefully roll the casing back just a bit, then cut off the rubber strands that are now sticking out. Roll the now “extra” casing back over the end and melt it into place (capping the end of the bungie completely).


I like a wrap of wire around it and use a pliers to twist it tight.

When you have it tight enough just snip off the excess and crush the sharp end down with the pliers.

I have used copper,but somewhere along the line I found some stainless wire.

I once tried to steal the hog rings they had on an old set of bungee cords;but they are hard to work with.

I just snip it with pruning shears…
…(anvil type, not bypass), then singe the ends with a torch or lighter.

so true
All you need to do is singe the ends. It’s perfectly adequate, especially since then ends are going to be knotted off anyway.

heat shrink tubing
as used for insulating electical connections. Just get some a little bigger in diameter than the bungee, overlap the end a little, and heat it. Most hardware stores and Radio Shack sells it.

Sealing Bungee
Try sliding the outer layer back, trim the rubber bungee strands, and then slide the outer layer back over the rubber strands. You can then heat and “twist” the outer layer to “enclose” the rubber strands. Puts a nice tapered end on it, too, which make threading the bungee thru deck fittings easier…

I use an old
soldering gun to melt the fibers in the tips together, however, today I tried an experiment while trimming some bungee cord on my new fishing kayak: I used something called “Frayblock” (if I remember the name correctly. Apparently meant as a quick and easy trick for hemming,it’s supposed to be waterproof and it’s available at fabric/sewing stores. It comes in a plastic tube - like a glue tube.

Putty Knife
I heat up the end of a putty knife with my single burner stove then push thru the bungee.

Some makers use a hot glue gun. VF