Replacing cane seat with webbing

I blew out the cane seat in my Explorer and I want to replace it with webbing.

Anybody know a good source for webbing and any advice on how to do it?



I like polypro webbing for seats.

replacement webbing
You can get this at lowes or even walmart. They sell it for repairing lawn chairs. Same stuff. Easy to fix. Just stretch it nice and tight and staple it to wood with a heavy duty construction type staple gun like those used to staple insulation to wooden studs in houses.


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I will replace your cane if you don't want to paddle a lawnchair.

Web Seats

I appreciate the offer.

But my first canoe, an aluminum Appleton had web seats and my Osprey by Swift has a web seat. IMO these are more comfortable and rugged than cane or lawn chairs.