Replacing End Caps / Bow & Stern Eye

Does anyone have any experience on how to replace the end caps at the bow and stern of an aluminum canoe? They were the triangular covers with the bow and stern eyes (all one piece) where you would attach ropes to the canoe. They’ve pulled off my 40-year old Smoker Craft and have disappeared. I’m not sure what the actual part is called and how to approach replacing them. If the part does not exist, would it be possible to have a TIG/MIG welder fabricate something? Thanks for your help and advice.


The company is still operating, though
they are not making canoes. Find them on Google and contact them. Some older employees there might be able to help.

I’d think it would be no problem …

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...... to fabricate a reasonable replacement for them .

of course I'd have to see exactly what the job would require , but you can make deck plates (end caps ??) from various materials , it's really an elementry job .

If you are trying do an authentic restoration , something like that may be more complicated ... but I'm doubting that is your objective . I'm guessing you are simply wanting to have deck plates made and installed for practical reasons .

You can make them out of fiberglass , aluminum flat sheet stock , galv. sheet metal , wood , etc. . Fiberglass would be my 1st choice because the proceedure is simple and easy for a beginner to do . It would be almost impossible for you to mess up doing it yourself .

Tie ends
You should be able to find someone that welds aluminum to repair or fabricate. I have cedarstrip solo canoes and what I use for my Jeep is a block fitted into the bow/stern when the canoe is loaded on the vehicle. The blocks have a U-bolt that hangs down and allows tie downs to fasten each. The whole thing works by a combination of wedge and opposing forces. I hope this helps, Mike