Replacing foot pedal with foot plate

I would like to retrofit a foot plate to my BD Ellesmere to replace the foot pedals. Does anyone know whether it can be done and what would be a good product for it. Thanks

2 ways
on is from kayaksport they make retrofittable pedals. people who use them give good revievs and it’ fast.

By far the best way would be to pad hte bulkhead with minicell. this is the way to go; go ahead you will not regret it!

old WW b/h
I have done it with an old whitewater bulkhead. It requires some extra holes in the side and some fitting but can work well. It DOES make getting gear up in front of the b/h rather tedious.


what kind of footbraces?
how about bolting on a larger piece of wood over the footbraces? you might try configuring a heel stop if you’re the only one paddling the kayak, that might do as much as an entire new foot set-up.

Shearwater Design
How you’d adapt the slide to a plastic or kevlar kayak is another question but I adapted this design in my Artic Tern and was very appy with the results.

What I did:

I made aluminum L-brackets that fit in the track of the Yakima foot peg setup. Then I bolted a tropical hardwood crossbar between the two L-brackets. The cross bar had first been pre-drilled for proper bolt holes and was covered in neoprene. I have been very happy with the setup. (The minicel in the background was the work of the previous owner.)