Replacing foot rests in a North Shore Calypso 520

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for those of you that have seen my previous thread, my fiancee has just purchased a second (maybe third) hand NS Calypso 520. The previous owner has removed the foot rests and installed a rudder. The rudder is being removed now but the previous owner no longer has the original foot rests.

The distance between the bolts appears to be 36.5cm yet on the other club boats she has used they seem to be 37cm apart. From looking online I was under the impression that all foot rest bolts are a standard distance apart.

Is there a chance that a universal foot rest will fit? Or is there a specific one you can recommend we look for? I have been looking at the Attwood 11940-2 but really don’t know what to do for the best yet.

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Drilling and filling holes in your boat may seem scary at first, but really isn’t an issue. Especially with composite (fiberglass or the like) boats, which I think yours is. So you should be able to use the foot pegs you have and just re-drill if needed, with a bit of fiberglass work to seal any extra holes.

If you aren’t that comfortable to do yourself, most any place that does fiberglass (most any boat yard, among other places) should be able to do this for you for not a huge amount of money.

If you haven’t thought of and dismissed the idea already, she could leave the foot rests out and pad the bulkhead to make a bulkhead foot rest. I love mine. Many more positions to place your feet.

It would be easy to do, and if she ends up preferring foot rests, you have not lost anything as far as adding foot rests.

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There is an article on one way to make a foot bed in an old issue of California Kayaker Magazine, which is still available online. Issue #5 at California Kayaker Magazine - South West's source for paddlesports information