replacing footbraces/pegs on Tsunami 140

Hi all,

I recently picked up a barely used Tsunami 140 in fantastic shape. The only odd thing is there are no footbraces or pegs in it. The bolts are there for them, but no braces. I thought they came standard??

I asked the previous owner and said he doesn’t remember any foot braces (don’t know how much of an experienced paddler he is). He is the original owner, the boat is a 2008.

My question is: Can I replace these with an aftermarket foot brace/peg setup or do I need to contact Wilderness Sysyems (or someone else) for an OEM? Any suggestions on which/where to buy, whether it is aftermarket or OEM?



Yakima or Perception Keepers
Determine the spacing of your existing bolt holes.

Do a Google search for “Yakima footbraces” and “Perception Keepers footbraces”.

The Yakima braces are made with different bolt hole spacings, the Keepers I’m not sure about.

I just installed a version of these
Harmony footbraces.

I don’t recommend the Yakima braces for sea or touring kayaks. The foot pedals are straight up and down, not ergonomic. For whitewater they’re OK, but I prefer my old “Keepers” even though they are thought to be prone to breaking.

Sea Dogs
These are top quality foot braces. They may seem similar to the WS braces, but the WS braces have been reported to get knocked out of adjustment easily (especially when doing wet exit/entry in sea kayaks), and I’ve heard that at least some WS of a certain vintage were prone to breakage.

If it looks like a duck.
Quacks like a duck. It probably is a duck.

Harmony = WS but I’ve been wrong before but sure looks like the same.

The ones I bought on sale were labeled
WS, but yes, the Harmony product looks the same.

Yakima footbraces work just fine in touring kayaks. No problems at all.

Bill H.

Any place that sells WS can get them
I had one footpeg break on my Tsunami125. I went to EMS and they sent me two brand new ones free of charge. Took about a week to get them in. You don’t say where you live but EMS in the NE can get them for you. I installed them myself. Very easy. Kind of strange that yours didn’t come with them. Previous owner must not have known much.

gotta second those SeaDogs
smooth operating, easy to adjust while underway, and sturdy.

The open design makes it hard for sand/silt to stick on the footpegs, yet there is plenty of area for the balls of the feet.

OP if you have to buy anyway (& you saved a bunch on the boat LOL) go for quality.

foot braces
harmony is ws footbraces…If you happen to like the ws slider foot braces but dont want to worry about potential peddle being knocked out of position there is a simple and clean fix. e-mail me if interested and i’ll show you the pics