Replacing gel coat

I have a carbon polo boat, chipped and scratched gel coat, I live in Boston, anyone know someone who does this sort of thing?

Any boat yard that does repair work as well as some of the larger kayak shops. A reputable kayak shop near you would be a good place to ask. If they don’t do the work themselves they are sure to have a local shop that they trust to do work on their own boats.

If it’s just gel coat it’s no big deal. If the carbon fiber hull is damaged, that’s more involved.


Thanks all. Paint is not an option…local shop only does touch ups… can obviously look into larger boat yards. Was hoping to connect on this forum with small outfit that does this sort of work is all.

Find certified ACA instructors in your area and reach out. Chances are one of them can help.


While paint will make gel coat chips and scratches less visible if you get the color right or paint the entire hull, it will not fill in the chips and scratches. For that you would need a thickened epoxy, gel coat, or a product like Marine-Tex.

OK, so , I own the boat, I said paint isn’t an option. It isn’t an option. I asked a question, really a yes or no question, does anyone know someone who can replace a gel coat? That’s all I would like to know.

I’d look at Wilco Marine in Newbury or East Coast Fiberglass in Marshfield. They are both big shops, but I’m sure they could recommend a smaller shop for you if they didn’t want to do it.

Why not just Google fiberglass boat repair Boston?

There is LVMarine Services and Birch Marine in Boston and Custom fiberglass in Weymouth, among others.