Replacing hatch on a carbon/kevlar kayak

I have a carbon/kevlar kayak with KajakSport hatches. On the front hatch, the plastic rim (which the hatch cover fits onto) completely came away from the body of the kayak. All of the adhesive/sealant used to secure the rim to the kayak shell (a black material) stayed on the kayak shell - none of it adhered to the plastic rim.

The kayak manufacturer sent me some 3M Marine Fast Cure 5200 Adhesive Sealant but I’m not sure this is the right choice - on the tube it says for “watertight bonding/sealing of fiberglass and wood.” It doesn’t mention plastic, and I’m wondering if this adhesive doesn’t bond well with plastic.

So, looking for advice on the best way to go about re-adhering the KajakSport plastic hatch rim to a carbon/kevlar kayak.

Thanks, John P.

will work
with some serious clamping and couple of days.

pesonally I use stainless screws/nuts/washers as well. then you don’t need the clamps BUT end up with hardware.

2 cents worth


Of course it’s the right choice…
…or the kayak manufacturer wouldn’t have sent it to you. 5200 bonds well to most materials, just follow the instructions.