Replacing hydrosilk shirts with???

Ok time to replace a few mens large short sleeve NRS hydro-silk shirts which I really liked. NRS no longer makes them but replaced with H2O shirts which are about 45 bucks a piece. Any alternatives which are less money but pretty good? Maybe say 30 bucks a piece?

a couple of options
Paddleme sportswear made shirts for the last race I was in and are nice and thin loose fit. Or for a tight fit, a rashguard from quicksilver or one of the other big surf lines. I just picked up a long sleeve rashy for $34 at the local surf shop.

NRS H2Core
It’s pretty much the same thing as the Hydrosilk, IMO. They even have 2 different weights of it.

Like nickjc said
Check the surf shops for rashguards. Same thing.

Coolibar, Lands End or Solumbra
All of these companies have rash guard/swim shirts and at least two of them, have a SPF 50 rating. You will generally pay more for better quality and protection, but durability often accompanies that too. Best wishes.

good sale at Coolibar
sale going on now, in case you might be interested.