Replacing Impex seat with Necky?

Has anyone replaced the seat in an Impex (Diamante) with the new luxurious foam Necky seat?

I’m looking for problems/solutions with the switch.

Thanks for the help.

Necky seat pad
I replaced the seat in my Impex Force 5 with the Necky foam seat pad. I believe it was about $60. I am extremely happy with the change. It is easy to do. Just glue the velcro down and place the seat. I also went to a Snapdragon backband and attached it to the bolts where the seat used to bolt up. I used shorter bolts. Simple job that worked very well for me.

The necky seatpan is great
The seatpan is the seat that comes in the chathams, something with a backband, it’s great, i don’t have enough good things about it. The foam seat that some might think about it actually the Extrasport seat with the full back that is found in most old towns, and some necky’s with the full seat back now.

It looks like a good idea and I will be calling Necky this afternoon. I will chime inafter I make teh switch.

Necky Touring Seat
I have 2 older looksha IV’s in Poly. would like to upgrade seat to the new Necky touring seat pad, but I would also need the alloy cradle Necky uses to mount this seat. Has anyone been able to order this? Necky has been no help, they say call dealer, dealer has also been no help…Anyone?

Thank you,

Three phone calls to Necky with no return call. I would say Necky’s customer service is lacking. I will try a dealer next (over the weekend).

Aren’t many people left to answer you!

Necky touring seat
Is this what you are looking for?

necky touring seat
I had a Necky Manitou with that couch-like extrasport seat and it was the most comfortable thing ever. Five boats later - Im now in a used Chatham, but the previous owner lost or mutilated the Necky touring seat and put in a custom foam one. It’s so uncomfortable! I want that extrasport “couch”, but it’s too wide for the Chatham. Ill have to call necky as well for the standard touring seat and maybe a more supportive backband…

I imagine seats are an individual preference. However, the seat on my P&H Capella is amazingly comfortable. My previous kayak was a Necky Manitou, so I am well familiar with their seats. My Necky seat was fine for paddling 1-2 hours but began to get uncomfortable on longer paddles and had me squirming around. The back is also rather high if do any rolls or ever plan to learn. I paddled my Capella 5+ hours the second day that I had it, and I never noticed the seat the entire time. It is also easy to adjust although I haven’t changed mine yet since it fits so well.