Replacing kayak seat?

I have an Impex Mystic that I dearly love for its handling and general all-over quality. However, I take this boat on mostly calm water and never perform rolls in it. I don’t wear a spray skirt. I have a rec boat with a comfortable seat with a higher back. While the Mystic seat back is not uncomfortable, I find that during non-paddling times (drifting downriver, etc.), I miss having the rec boat seat type. Is it possible to change the seat or seat back to more resemble a rec boat seat?

Sure, but
perhaps you could try a larger stiffer backband first?? Nice boat…

Thanks! Now…
I know, it’s a super boat, best on the water, IMHO, and my last kayak to buy! Where do I get a stiffer backband???

I also want it to be higher. It will clear the coaming but I don’t roll or wear a spray skirt so that is not an issue.

High seat
I have the same issue with my Impex Diamante as you are mentioning.

My arthritis and back injury are making it impossible to be comfortable in a “serious” kayak for longer than about 1.5-2 hours at most.

If you’re dispensing with the spray skirt, it’s a simple matter to completely remove the back band and install a seat from a sit-on-top kayak.

That would be a much higher seat back, which could attach to the same points that the current back strap does.

If I can’t make it work, I may sell the Diamante and go to something like a Necky Manitou 14 which (I think) would also allow me to pull my knees up and flex my legs.


Go look at the ONNO web site. I put one of Patrick’s seats in my boat and it was the best thing that I ever did for my boat. It is a chair type seat. Very very light and easy to put into the boat. Also very comfortable. I went thru four seats before finding Patrick. Go to

scroll down and you’ll find the seat. I recommend calling Patrick. Good luck. Franklin

Franklin, did you get the Onno seat pan
also? If so, what do you think of it’s functionality?

I’ve been considering a different seating option for my Phoenix Isere and Onno’s looks like it might be a good option. Thanks for that link.

I, like mb1951, also like to be able to lean back on the seat back and relax when not paddling.

Without sounding

Developing some abdominal muscle might help. The better your stomach muscles are, the less difficulty you have with a low back band. A high seat back is really only treating a symptom of poor paddling posture and lack of strength and flexibility. I would do some sit-ups, crunches and work on stretches. You don’t really need more back support, but poor posture and paddling technique is dictating one.

My seats are supportive yet…
flexible. They move with you. The set back can be pulled in snug for stiff support without resorting in going to something real high which might hinder rotation. Otherwise, adjust it so it is just ‘there’ as a sort of extension of the seat bottom for when you want to lean back.

Seat pan no necessitio if you want to just bond in the seat … otherwise it is a real simple way to have the ability to experiment with position, trim the boat for a load, or use the same seat in other boats or even a camp chair. tiny bit more weight with pan but it will also protect the hull right under you should you come up on something pointy.

Valid points, but the back support is
desired for the times of rest in this case, not the times of active paddling. Having back support available for the times of rest doesn’t have to interfere with good rotation during active paddling.

As you suggest, I would definately benefit from better flexibility and muscle tone.

Thanks for that info onnopaddle.
I looked your contour seat out on your web site last night and it looks like it might work well with my Isere. I might even be able to bolt it right in to the vertical flanges on the Isere coaming like you show it in your boats, since the stock Isere seat is bolted to the flange.

Having the seat pan for adjusting trim is also attractive.

If I do decide to upgrade, your seat looks like the one I’d try first.

Should bolt right in like you mentioned.

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Adjustment can still be had by drilling a couple fore / aft holes in seat or coaming flange. The coaming shown in photo is rough and raw off the mold .... NOT final shaped / cleaned up for install.

The supportive seat back CAN be snugged in to ones lower back for support while paddling.
It is nice and smooth.

For what its worth, I also have another seat that can go to about mid-spine and is a little more curved. This was designed for folks with disabilities to offer more support.