Replacing Kinked Skeg Cable???

I am sure this is easy but I have never done it before so I will ask first…

I just picked up a Kajaksport Viviane. It has a kinked cable that I need to fix.

I have a skeg cable for an NDK boat which I assume is the same diameter but I guess I will have to check.

So how do I do this? Any tips?



Kajak Sport skeg
The Kajak Sport skeg cable is permanently attached to the skeg. The complete assembly is sold by Global Outfitters; it was $45 several years ago.

I heard of someone who replaced the cable by cutting it off flush at the skeg, drilling a hole in the skeg next to the old cable attachment point, and then using epoxy to affix a new cable in the hole. I don’t know how well it worked or held up.

C’mon, Matt–where’s the full review?
You bought a new kayak and haven’t posted your impressions yet!

So does this one replace any boat or is it another addition? How many are you up to now?

Another option is…
…to duplicate the system used on other boats. Specifically, you need a hole for the skeg cable to fit in, then you drill another hole at an angle to it, that intersects with it. Tap it, then install a stainless set screw to hold the cable in place. When you need to to change a cable, you loosen the set screw and pull the cable out.

IMO, bonding cables to skegs is nonsense and the only purpose is to try to sell unnecessary, expensive replacement parts. There is no benefit to the boat owner whatsoever.

Haven’t paddled it yet. Just got it yesterday. Will have it on the water tomorrow.

Also was perhaps trying to go incognito to some extent lest I be accused of being overly obsessesive about boats (okay maybe I’m living in denial).


skeg cable
the size may be 3mm like Valley or P&H… the closest is 1/8 I believe but that is still smaller…

you can order cable

My P&H also had the cable connected to the skeg. some people pull out the old wire, drill a bigger hole, and expoy the new wire in place.

But by the time you but the epoxy and drill bit… for $25

why go to all the trouble? I ordered a new skeg for $40.

Cutting it the exact length was a bit tricky. Save your old wire for the length. My first attempt with a jig saw wasn’t clean enough to get back though the slider (be careful the grub screw may also be metrix, have them include a spare with the skeg) I finally used a grinder, but tape it and be careful not to grind agaist the weave or it will all unravel. So, if they can cut it the exact length have them do it. then be careful not to unwind the end or kink it again.

one advantage for having it attached from factory is it wont come undone and fall off…

maybe someone else has a better approach? the biggest risk for me was cutting it…

Lucky Devil! I have been coveting a the Viviane ever since I was a Kajak Sport Rep in the Midwest. I settled for a NF Legend because I the Viv wouldn’t fit in my garage. I now have a larger gargage and can’t find a use Viv anywhere.

The Viv tracks like it is on rails yet spins like a top when heeled. It’s not even responsive for a 19’ kayak, it is responsive compared to all others.

I tried to talk Kajak Sport folks into making their boats in carbon/kevlar but they had no interest. Too bad because that’s what we Colonials want.

can you say…
monster! this thang swallows up the gear and paddles very sweet for a 19’ boat. I used one for many years guiding trips in the san juan islands. hanbdles rough stuff BUT she’sa brute.


needlenose pliers
If you can get hold of the skeg somehow (needlenose pliers usually works well), just pull the skeg out with force, and it will sometime un-kink the cable. It’s worth a shot anyway, before spending tons of time & money to replace parts. I’ve done this on my boat a few times, and it worked each time. Good luck.