Replacing older pungo 120 hatch with hinged cover

I’d like to replace my old style rubber pungo 120 hatch with a hinged cover

Just got a new but older 120 and hate the rubber hatch

Anyone found a solution to the Tupperware lid?

The hinged hatch is worse, easy to crack.

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Will WS hinged hatches fit your boat? Ask WS or a retailer.

Wildy dealer here. Pretty sure you can’t fit the current Orbix hatch assembly (it’s not just the lid) on the older style rubber hatch design. The deck mold on the current Pungo is different than it was on the rubber hatch version.

What sorts of problems are you having with the rubber hatch?

Keeps popping off especially when transporting

WS replaced solid rubber hatches on many of their boats with dual-density designs that have grey plastic centers with rubber outer rings sometime in the late 00s (?) to help address issues of solid rubber hatches failing to seal. If your Pungo has a solid black rubber hatch, updating it would be the first thing to try (pic of the dual density hatch attached).

Thanks for the info! Yes, mine is the older black one…guess I need to find one of these newer ones somewhere :>

You are communicating with a dealer.

Actually I DO have the later rubber cover