Replacing Padeyes with Cleats--No New Holes!

I have four padeyes on the sides of my kakak for tying down the anchor line. That is, although the anchor line is attached to another padeye inside the cockpit, I put a slip knot on one of the deck padeyes to fasten the line at the best location and length. You can see the padeyes here:

I realize now that cleats or jam cleats would have been much better, but I don’t want to replace the padeyes if I have to drill any new holes. If new holes are needed, I’ll just live with the padeyes.

Note that I never use the anchor in strong wind or current.

My plan is to see if I can find any cleats whose attachment holes are the same distance from each other as the holes in my padeyes (namely 35 mm or 1 3/8 inch).

Any other ideas or tricks that you can suggest?


Look at Sea-lect the make Duff and have dimensions I think.

Excellent. I’ll measure again, but I think these might work:

or these:

Thanks! is another dependable supplier. You may need to dig a bit on the web site, but they have stuff of that sort including well nuts for fastening etc.

Thoughts on which of these would work best?

Cleat is easy to put cord around and remove. Line through a jam cleat if it slips or is pulled the wrong way it’s free and gone no? Unless it’s tied off in a secondary position.

Doing reentries with a regular cleat could get interesting.

I think I’d prefer the pad eyes…or just put a short loop around a seat side that I could clip an anchor rope to.

Yes, the end of the anchor rope is clipped onto a padeye inside the cockpit, so even if the rope comes out of the jam cleat it wouldn’t be lost.

Yes jam cleat would be more sleek.