replacing pegs with foam / no bulkhead

I own an Impex Irie with a rudder. The footpegs have stripped from the frame and need to be replaced. I think I have three options: (1) buy fixed footpegs without rudder controls (and forget the rudder); (2) buy new footpegs with rudder controls; (3) replace the pegs with foam foot braces (and forget about the rudder). I’d like to do #3, but there is no front bulkhead and nothing to adhere the foam to. Do I fashion a bulkhead? Would you please weigh in with advice and specific suggestions for option #3?

ONNO suggested to me once that he used thin Luan plywod covered with fiberglass for bulkheads.
He said to make a cardboard pattern first.
After it is all made, seal it in with Lexel.
I don’t know how strong it would be for pumping off, but it is something to think about

Jack L

In the past, I made a foot board that bolted to existing (non-ruddered) foot pegs. The bolt holes were ovals to allow the pegs to move in and out, as they also move closer or farther apart. I can’t say it was easy to adjust, but seemed to work OK. The board itself was a short length of 3" or 4" wide oak molding that had grooves milled into it found at HD. A wider board would have been more comfortable, but the narrow board allow stretching your feet under the board once. I took it out a while ago.

ONNO used to make full foot boards with rudder controls that could attach to existing peg tracks, not sure he does that anymore. They were pricey, but it appeared he did very good work (when he did it).

Glass in a bulkhead as stated above. Personally I’d put in Sea-lect foot pedals for continued rudder use.

Get flat surface like Formica lay glass bigger than your cardboard pattern then trim to fit after cured. Glass in with 2" fiberglass tape or as stated above lexol in place.

Lay a half cardboard tube on back of bulkhead when glassing on Formica and it will be super stiff. Any kind of wood rib would do but half round is easiest to glass over.

You can bolt sea-lect pedals through hull easy or glass mounts in place. Also just install Sea-lect non-rudder pedals. All Sea-lect pedals are adjustable.

You could consider a full foam foot brace and support it with a long block of minicell foam that would extend from the bow of your kayak to the footbrace. is a terrific source of minicell in various widths, good prices, and very fast shipping.

Personally, I’ve found a foam foot brace is more comfortable and allows better rotation because I can paddle with my legs close together, not splayed out like a frog. Modified my 16-foot kayak last year and just switched my 14-foot boat over because I could not paddle it using the existing Sea-dog (now Seal-lect) foot pegs without getting very uncomfortable after 45 minutes.

In my case, I left the existing foot pegs in and use them to support the foam footbrace. Could you jury rig some sort of support using the existing rails?