Replacing Pungo seat

The seat of my nine year old Wilderness Systems 12 foot Pungo has deteriorated. I would like to replace the whole thing. A year ago I contacted Wilderness Systems but at that time got no help. Can anyone suggest how to proceed with such a repair?

Lo Siento Amigo
I went throught this similar exercise several years ago. My seat was OK but I just wanted to retrofit with a new Phase 3 seat. The seat bolt placement was identical and it would have been a no-brainer to replace. My independent dealer even tried to pull a few strings with no luck.

Although the “real” Pungos are almost indestructable, you are just going to have to put the word out and find one that has died to find your part.

Replacing Pungo seat

I just started this past year with a Pungo140. The seatback strap was too short but the assembler installed it anyway. I found the doubled over end of the strap with half of the screw hole on the end. So it was only the pressure between the rubber spacer and the hull that kept the strap in place. It gave way after 2 months of use. Tried a generic replacement but it wasn’t all that good. I contacted the retailer here in MD, Spring River in Annapolis, and in two weeks I had a replacement from WS. So maybe the best way to contact WS is through the retailer. Hope that helps


Different strokes. Necky has always
been willing to deal direct, but I guess WS does not work that way. Werner paddles will discuss any product-related matter on email, but insists that you go through a dealer for a custom order.