replacing/repairing H channel

I have a piece of H-channel that’s cracked and fallen off my boat. I’m thinking of just bonding it back on in some way and making sure it’s water-tight. It’s on the stern of a Bell Rob Roy. It’s a very similar channel to what you see on composite kayaks.

I wrote Bell and e-mail about it, and they sent photos all over the corporate world and came up with an excuse as to why it was my fault. I was just asking how to best fix it.

Anyway, my repect for them pretty much went out the window. I really don’t like the corporate jargon lines when I’m asking about something important like canoeing.

Oh well, I hear they’re newer boats aren’t up to the old QC standard. I’ve heard from people close to the company that they’ too busy mass producing yugo-style than sticking to their roots. Those rumors I’d heard fit earily with the Bell e-mail repsonse.

Not knocking my Rob Roy. I just got back today from a multi-day Everglades trip and had a great time. I’m just glad I got one of the good 'ol models.

I picked up an yak made in the 80"s
and the H chnl. was off the sides , cleaned it out best I could and used a syringe to apply epoxy into it . There were a couple o spots where there wasn"t any chnl. but the inside was fine so I taped and epoxyied my oun , hope that helps . That was 4 yrs. ago --no problems, leaks , or anything else .

i’ve still got the piece. I’m just wondering what I should attach it with?

it doesn’t sound like it would be very structural to just glue it back on but god knows 5200 is sticky,but is it sticky to vinyl?

marine goop?
it’s worked pretty well in the past for d-rings and whatnot?