replacing sliding footpegs with gaspedal

I have never used a rudder before, always relied on skeg or nothing. However, my new kayak came with rudder, so thought I could just keep the rudder up and be fine. However, the sliding footpegs have me a tad unnerved and bought a kit to replace them with the gas pedal type. Now the problem: I have reconciled myself into drilling one new hole since the length does not match up in the old and the new. My question is, rather than re-stringing the cable back to the rudder, why can’t I just splice the current cables with the ones on the replacements? My son has sodering/crimping tools and if he knows or thinks I will attempt this on my own, he’ll come over and make sure “it is done right.” Not that I’m not capable, just saying. What do you think? Where are the holes in my logic? Thanks for your help.

Split Type foot pegs - Solid Support
Split foot pegs have 2 parts, a top and bottom.

Bottom is solid, never moves, secure, supporting.

Top is movable only via toes for rudder.

Various styles can be seen here

thanks, but…
I am aware of that, and have purchased the gas pedal type to replace the sliding ones. My question is whether or not I can use the current cables and splice them with the new where they would connect at the footpegs. I’m not a very good explainer, wish I could draw a picture that would be helpful of what I’m trying to say. sorry.

I believe I grasp
what you are trying to say and yes, there are crimping methods of splicing cable. The only issue is that the crimps will make bulges on the cable which can get snagged as the cables move back and forth. If you have gear in the boat or anything that may be loose, you could easily get a snag that would make it difficult to adjust the rudder.

I also think that it would probably cost almost as much to buy the crimps (and the tool, though since you are suggesting this, you probably have the tool) as it would to buy an entirely new cable.


i feel like
You would spend as much time splicing as it takes to run new.

Ryan L.

Sure you can splice them
You can get the compression splices at most good hardware stores.

I would put some heat shrink tube or tape over the splice if you have any sharp ends of the cable protruding.

Make sure to slide the heat shrink on over one end of the cable prior to making the splice.

My wife and I did a long expedition challenge and I made up an emergency tool kit and had the little splices just for what you are talking about in case we broke a cable.

Jack L

You guys are the greatest!
Thanks for all your input. I have tomorrow off and will take a long hard look and evaluate my options. I know I can do it if I just remember to breathe and take it one step at a time. Thanks again!

Email sent for real world advice. NM