Reponses from outdoor recreation industry to withdrawal from the Paris Accord

And maybe replace wooden roof shingles…

As the topic is about climate and weather, linked is a story about a historic storm on the Great Lakes which took place November 7-11, 1913.

The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was lost on Lake Superior on November 10, 1975. The bells will be tolling tomorrow.

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I just read various articles from the site that you were concerned about above. Suffice to say I saw some things that are problematical.
But it does not appear that anyone here has bit, at least so far.

Drive 3-4 hours to a dam release. Paddle 3 miles. Shuttle back to put in. Paddle 3 miles. Shuttle again to put in. Paddle 3 more miles. Drive 3 hours home. Complain about “big oil” and the fact that most aren’t as environmentally aware as St. Me.

The approach for me, as someone who believes that human activity is contributing to quick climate change (and mounting challenges and disruptions to human health and security), is be conscious of my carbon footprint and to make intentional steps to reduce that. It is not going to happen overnight because our collective thinking, beliefs and economic activities lag the behind what is happening. But, if each of us who are concerned about climate, take individual steps, then we begin to contribute to building momentum for collective awareness and change.

So yeah, to that end, I have been bike commuting my ten miles to work year round for last 15 years. On days I don’t drive, I take my push scooter to get to and from public transit. For five years or more now, I stopped doing 2-4 hours drives for day trips for white water runs in the western MA, although I still do a 2 week annual trip to my western ME camp for ww paddling and flyfishing once a year. These days, I only surf, fish and paddle in venues that are mostly within a 10 mile radius of my home. Reflecting this, my three year old Honda Fit has a whopping cumulative mileage of about 15,000 on the odometer.

In my home, I did an energy efficiency audit, took steps to reduce my consumption by increasing insulation, converting to led lighting and converting my oil heating to an electrical split duct system. I may do a roof solar in the next five years.

Admittedly, I am privileged to have the economic means to take the steps that I have. But, with that privilege, I believe I also have the responsibility to take action to ensure that my sons and their children’s generations have a future that is sustainable and secure from societal disruptions and devolution that will more likely occur with unmitigated climate change.

That’s my take on it.


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Don’t let a good crisis go to waste. People are quite gullible because what distinguishes us from animals is we can project fear and greed into the future. Everyone wants nice outcomes and to avoid bad ones. As long as people can be convinced it’s in their best interest to engage in a course of action regardless of where the truth actually lies, nothing will ever change. I’ve also heard it described as “Problem, reaction, solution.”

Didn’t Seneca once say we are only freed from the shackles of slavery when we die?