Report from my summer trip

This video explains it all… Enjoy. yes, I am in it several times…

He is altready half booked for next year too…

Worth every second, and the food was impressive.


to this east coaster places like Alaska
… and the north country have always held a sense of mystery and intrigue … never been and don’t expect to ever but glad you are doing it … looks like some biggum fish there too , gotta be worth a war hoop or two on the hook up .

Pretty neat vid. !!

Yeah it is. The guide set this up as
advertising for next summers trips.

It was truly a epic vacation, and not as expensive as you might imagine. If you can save $2500.00 for a week trip, you can do this.


Looks like a great time. Scenery is beautiful and looks like the fishing was excellent as well. You guys where pulling up some big fish.

That we were… On 100+ lb Halibut
was landed, and that huge Lingcod that was held up in the red hobie Revo was likely over 50 lbs.

We didn’t bother to weigh either of them, as they are breeder females, and we wanted to release them as quick as possible.

I will have links to other fish porn photos from the trip later.


Looks like fun.
What does the fisherman have to bring?

I like the accomodations.

Looks like that was mostly coastal fishing, but it looked like a couple of those shots were in current too. Is it a mixup of river and coastal, or were my eyes deceiving me?

  • Big D

Bring yourself, clothing and
wet weather gear…

If you have your own travel rods, bring them. But if you don’t, he has decent equipment to use.

Yes, that was moving water, there is a tidal inlet nearby that we traveled up to target salmon and sightsee during the trip. Nice standing waves on the way back too, due to the tide oing out.


Awesome Trip!
Was that you with the big Ling?

I am suffering under a self imposed Salmon fishing moratorium until the fishery starts coming back down here.

No, my biggest ling was probably a foot
shorter than that Lingzilla… We estinate that girl in excess of 50 lbs.

She was released to make more Lings…

That is my with the 32 lb Halibut though… One that parts of are still in my freezer. One 100+ Halibut was caught and released, and several 50+ lbs were likewise.

That is me filleting that big Coho though, and harvesting the Dungeoness. Mmmmmm :smiley: