Repost:Trip to Assateague/Chincoteague

and Shenandoah River in VA. My wife and I are beginner paddlers who have done several trips on rivers and lakes, we’ve also taken a beginner paddling clinic. We both love it. This October we are going to Virginia. I have a Manitou 13 and my wife has a Manitou 14. We want to paddle around the coastal marshes. We’ve never been near coastal water and have never paddled this late in the season. I’ve been floating around the site picking up tips here and there. I was wondering if anyone has any helpful advice about clothing and the coastal aspect of the trip. Thanks

Trip to Assateague/Chincoteague
If you put in at the National Park on Assateague in MD there is great kayaking on the interior which is well sheltered. You can float along the marshes and watch the ponies who roam free in this area. The weather in October along the MD coast can vary from quite warm (70 degrees) to cold and rainy. No matter the weather carry rain gear and a change of warm clothing. We have found October to have some perfect kayaking days in this area.

Beware of wind
We were down there in early April (just as a Nor easter was coming in) with both yaks and tandem canoes. Over night the bay went from smooth to roller and white caps. We sat all day waiting for an opportunity to launch which never came. Around 2:00pm a guy comes down the road from the direction of the beach. He unhooks a canoe trailer which was parked next to us. He explained that he had a group of 10-12 yaks out on the bay and there not comfortable paddling , so he had walk over the dunes from Pine Tree and was going into town to rent a 4x4 so he could drive back out to pick is people up. We choose not to go out and when we went back to the park office the Ranger on duty thanked us. You may want to stay in the National or State Park and do some day trips.

My limited experience…
in the area is most noted by the incredible amount of biting insects.

Flys by day, and mosquitos by night.

From Newfoundland to Honduras, this area has the hands down first place award in my memory.

But, it was July, not October. You’ll most likely fair much better.

Just suggesting that you go prepared, and inquire of the locals.


October should be great
It has been 15 years since my last trip here, so things may have changed, but the time of year is perfect. I wnet with a samll group of canoes and we camped at a paddle-in site that was on the back bay side. Wild ponies walked through the campsite, and there was a trail to the main road and the ocean beach to explore. The sites were dry and well shaded (oak tress as I remember).