Repurpose an end-of-life kayak?

I’m curious what others have done to re-purpose old kayaks that have reached the end of their usefulness and are not worth repairing. I ask because I’m working on such a project right now that I believe is unique but in the process have wondered if anyone before me has turned them into anything more creative than just a planter or wall decoration.

Local canoe club took a race canoe, “a four”, and turned it into a serving table.

We have a 7 ft kids sot that makes a good ice filled canned drink tub at parties.

I have not done this and admit it might be off the wall. But just to throw out - if it is a bulkheaded boat, could the cockpit be turned into some kind of animal shelter by using just the part between the bulkheads around the cockpit? On its side.

Cut the deck off and major portions of it would work for starting seeds.

Anything that gives the material further life is good.

With translucent plastic boats there are possibilities to use all or parts as light fixtures or lamp shades.

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Hang up on an outside wall, add horizontal mini-shelves inside the cockpit, and plant sempervivums and sedums on them.

So with the help of one of those LED lightbulbs that flicker like a flame, I re-purposed my kayak into an indoor fireplace.

That looks awesome!