request for help from Valley Sea Kayaks

This is a genuine request for help. We (Valley Sea Kayaks) are working on our new catalogue and, as always, could do with some new pictures to brighten it up.

If any of you have good quality pictures (preferably featuring a Valley kayak) in email-able format and would like to see them put to good use please send them to

Obviously I can’t garenty we’ll use them but if we do I’ll try to ensure you are properly credited for your picture


Peter Orton

What size

What resolution image do you want? What size image file can you accept or prefer?


approx 300 pixles per inch
Approx 300 pixles per inch and about 4-6inch tall/wide is a good compromise between Emailability and quality

How bout droppin me a couple demos…I’ll give you all the pics you want!

I’ll hunt up a few
Peter - I’ve got some nice shots of my glass Aquanaut and several plastic Avocets in action in tidal races at Woods Hole, Cape Cod. I’ll search them out for you. They will be 1 MG or 2 MG files - can you receive that size file? If not, I could burn a disk and mail it to you.

Alan Mapes

Delmar, NY

Should be fine
Many thanks for hunting them out, should be fine with that size file but would be wise to send each pic as an individual invoice

does this mean wild water runs or quiet water? Do you only want pictures of new boats or current configured boats? (compass in the newest location, etc)

Best Wishes