Rerigged my kayak

I figured out how to carry a six pack cooler on the rear deck and laced the front deck with bungee cord to hold (slightly) more tackle. Plus I added a Scotty rod holder. This boat’s designed for rougher water (Perception Approach), so one rod is all I’m willing to lose at a time in case of a spill which is fairly likely in the kind of water I’ll use it.

Going to test it out this weekend on the New and Greenbrier Rivers. Totally stoked.

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No reason to lose a rod.
Pull out one of the screws in the rod holder. Get a 4’ length of 1/4" bungee cord and melt one end w/ a lighter. Drill a hole (believe me, sounds dumb but you gotta use a drill bit) through the end of the bungee cord, 1/2" from the melted end. Place the screw through the hole and back into the rod holder. Now just decide how long you want the bungee cord and cut, then secure it to a carabiner clip with a knot or whatever else you like. The right size carabiner clip goes over the riser on your spinning reels and if you flip, you won’t lose the rod/reel. Make the bungee long enough and you can keep your rod clipped even while using it. If you just want to secure it while in the holder, make it short and clip/unclip as needed.

Also, Scotty’s usually have a rubber strap that holds your rod in.

Just an idea, I’m sure there are better. That’s just what I did.

Good idea, but as I understand the
conditions in which Big D paddles, its lots of fast water and he likes to take a swim. Stuff attached to the boat gets tangled and the rod is probably going to get broken anyway. Best just to use less expensive gear, a good option with ultralight spinning gears.


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I don't use tethers of any sort. They're make your own strainers. I don't LIKE to take swims, but swims are commonplace on the waters I fish. Haven't taken one yet while fishing (except for sloppy dismounts) but paddlers more experienced than I have wiped out on some of our trips. It's not been my turn yet, but it's coming.

Plus, the water is shallow and rocky, so if the kayak flips and the rod is in a deck-mounted holder, there is a high likelihood that the rod is going to get busted. I try to keep my kayak rod/reel combos under $100 value. I do use the Scotty's with the rubber strap. I just take the position that anything that goes in or on the kayak might get lost on any given trip. That way when it does get to be my turn, I won't bum out over it as much.

Here's a victim:

Shot typical of the kind of water I fish - not overly aggressive but enough to cause a wipeout for the careless:

Another shot typical of the kind of water I fish (though this was a cool water trip without fishing, notice the ice on the banks)

Oops. Looks like it doesn't like the number signs. Well, you know what to do.

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Don’t know how much they would help

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in swift water, but I put Blakemore Rod Floats on all my rods. You might say they are rod PFD's. They come in sizes that will fit smaller rods, as well as medium and medium heavy rods. The latter will keep my 6500C3 and its Big Water Ugly Stick afloat. Another alternative with an ultralight spinning rod is to slip a piece of pool noodle on the butt end, though that may interfere with putting the rod in a holder unless the rod has a long butt. I've also used pipe insulation, thought it tears easily.