rescue hook question....

I have a benchmade rescue hook. I’ve been keeping it in a chest pocket of my PFD. It seems the case should be attached to the outside of the PFD…with the hook handy for quick use…but I feel as thought the hook could easily be knocked out from the case and get lost.

I am thinking about a small shock cord tether from the hook itself to the vest. A post some time ago had made a similar suggestion, and I’d welcome additional feedback before I begin sewing and tethering.

I’d like to hear of others thoughts on this…and in particular, has anyone lost their hook because it fell out?

It has a hard plastic case…

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Mine dangles from inside a hard case, but doesn't lock into position.

plastic case
I used a small length of a nylon web strap to buckle it to the lash tab on the front of my pfd. The hook snaps in and I have never felt that it would come out unless I pulled it out. I would be concerned of a tether getting tangled on something and not being able to get the hook where I need it in an emergency. One of the reasons I like the hook is my finger fits in the hole before I pull it out so the chances of loosing it are less.


May I ask…sanfost,
Does your hook snap into place in such a way that it does not move?

If mine is in, and I hold and wiggle the case, the hook will swing from side to side. It is just a matter of rotation will a bit of a nudge for it to come out.

contact benchmade about a revised sheath?

Put it on a leash
Several of us have been using them for a couple of seasons and have always had them mounted on a lash tabs on our PFD’s. I keep mine on a 2’ cord that tucks into a PFD pocket. Although I started with the original Model 5 Rescue hook, I’ve since switched to the new (larger) Model 6 H2O. The extra length makes it easier to grasp and you can use the back side to clear sand/gravel from skeg slots.

Tied one on today and wrote to Benchmade
I went ahead today and tied the sheath to my shouler strap. I also put an arm’s length small shock cord tether on the hook itself. There is sort of a pocket on front of the PFD near the shoulder strap that stashes the cord out of the way. Tried it all on in my room and it seems like it will be fine. Time will tell of course .

I also just sent an email query to Benchmade to hopefully determine if my hook and sheath are behaving normally with so much “play”. Thankyou northman for the suggestion to ask the manufacturer.

I bought one recently,
and it came with ordering information for a clip designed to attach the hard sheath to a PFD lash tab, $10 I think. I was planning to get it, so the thing would be as accessible as possible, having recently had a run-in with some fishing line.


your welcome
while I don’t use a benchmade knife for paddling , I really like their folders for every day use.

A couple of 10 cent wire ties work too.

snaps in place
But you have to make sure you do not snap it in upside down.


Now that’s why I love Thanks, Brian,


Tried but gave up

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I purchased the larger version rescue knive and could not find a way to have it readily availabe on my pfd and secure enough to handle rough surf landings exits. The plastic sheath that comes with the knife has too much play in my experience to handle direct impact from breakers.

This knife is perfect for the intended use of cutting oneself or another free from any anticpated entanglements with little risk to the person or their drysuit. I have been to the Benchmade factory here in Oregon and talked to the staff. They are aware of the concern regarding paddlers desire for a more secure attachment. The metal clip they sell only secures the plastic (loose) sheath to a standard lashtab on your pfd.

Unfortunetly, I felt the need to return the rescue hook. I purchased thier standard H20 fixed blade which has a very secure sheath. The sheath has a thumb lock lever easy to operate with one hand. The blade is is made of a steel that is rust proof! Not rust resistant, but rust proof even in saltwater. Hopefully they will come up with a sheath that is more bombproof sometime in the future. At that time, I would be more than happy to give it another try. Until then, I like the safety of having a good knife that I trust will be there when I need it.


I think this subject was on another
thread-and I found the Gerber Stainless River Knife fixed blade far superior to folding variations. Excellent sheath lock and easy to atttach to PFD.


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Unlesss they have changed, the Gerber stainless is not rustproof when exposed to salt water. I've had two blunt tip Gerbers and they both will develop rust without timely rinsing in fresh water. The steel of the Benchmades is a much higher quality, and the edge sharper, IMHO.

I use the Gerber

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river knife. Best sheath I've found yet. Don't do saltwater though.

Gerber makes good baby food…

Other options…

for those who might be shopping especially if you’re a cheap bum like me:

Gerber EZ-Zip @ $10 comes with a vinyl sheath that holds extra blades. The razors are a common blade type available at any hardware store or Wal-Mart etc… I’ve been carrying one for over a year now on fishing trips in salt & freshwater and it shows no signs of rust. The only rust preventative measure I’ve employed was a squirt of WD-40 when it was brand new. I wear it on my belt because I don’t always wear a PFD in 3’ of water. It has a snap that keeps it firmly locked in place. My review – three thumbs up especially when you take price into consideration.

Here’s a similar one from boater’s world @ $10. I’m not very certain about how secure it may or may not be in it’s pouch/sheath. It looks like it snaps in place but I won’t swear to it. Same concept as the EZ-Zip but a slightly smaller package.

Here’s another option but it doesn’t look like it would stay in it’s holster/pouch very well. It also cost twice as much as the Gerber.

Can’t address vegieannie’s questions or concerns but it’s on topic so I thought I’d share.

I’ve used mine in rough conditions…

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...including surf and it's never come out of it's sheath. It's a more secure system than it appears to be. One thing I've noticed is that people tend to insert the hook backwards, in which case it's not as secure. It's only designed to work one way.