Rescue Hook

I use a benchmade rescue hook (H2O version), which I have affixed to the shoulder strap on my PFD. It stays in the sheeth very well, but I would like your ideas on how to secure it even more using a strap or a string of some kind. I know some of you use this rescue hook and I am guessing you secure it somehow beyond just using the sheeth. Thanks!

Zip Tie
I ran a zip tie throuh the back of the sheath and hooked it through the d-ring on the poket of pfd. I also put a id badge pulley retainer with it so I could drop it an not lose it but it would break away if I got in a bad situation.

Zip Tie
I like the pulley retainer idea, although I wonder how well it will hold up to salt water and the elements in general. I affixed the sheath to my PFD shoulder strap and that has worked really well. What I worry about is losing the hook entirely should it come out of the sheath at any point - i.e. scramble reentry or similar. I used the smaller rescue hook for some time, but the metal corroded terribly (wrong metal). I’ve since purchased the H20 version which doesn’t corrode. The handle is also larger on that model - which is good - but it’s a little more likely, I think, to slip out of the sheath and I’d hate to watch it sink to the bottom…

Rubber bands
I use three thin rubber bands, girth hitched around the metal, then just looped over the plastic part. This solution is only moderately good, though. I replace the rubber bands fairly frequently.

Overall, I am not a huge fan of the hook. It is safer, for sure, but cannot cut nearly as well as a serated knife like the spyderco.

scuba diving shop
will have a pully retainer that is made for use in the water.


Not for salt water
Actually, I haven’t seen a badge retainer that holds up to fresh water, either. They aren’t designed for wet environments.

I use a short leash…
…~2’ long, made of 1/8" cord. It stays in a PFD pocket and extends when I pull the hook out of its sheath.