Rescue knife to consider

-- Last Updated: Dec-28-06 10:34 PM EST --

If anyone is looking for a knife to carry on their pfd, they might want to consider the CRKT Bear Claw

The things I like about it are:
-Size (both length and grip). It's slightly shorter then the Gerber River Shorty.
-Fit on PFD. The clip design holds it snug to the front of my Stohlquist pfd when I attach it to the lash patch. I don't know how it would work elsewhere. I mention this point because a couple of other knives I have tried have projected a bit out from the vest and have tended to catch on things.
-Usable clip. The clip on the Gerber is much too big to use on my Stohlquist vest. The CRKT is an easy fit. You have to put the clip on the CRKT yourself, but they provide the tool with the knife and you can mount it for either handle-up or handle-down carry.
-Secure fit in the sheath, but not too difficult to pull out.
-Comfortable handle, secure fit in the hand.
-Three blade styles to choose from - plain edge, serrated edge, or serrated edge with blunt tip.
-Competitive price. List is about the same as the Gerber, but you can find it for quite a bit less.

CAVEAT: I just bought one of these yesterday so these are just my initial impressions. The knives I compared it to in my highly subjective in-the-garage testing were an old Tekna dive knife (actually carried on the river once), a Gerber River Shorty, and a Buck Mayo Mantis.

lost my bear claw
clip wasnt secure enough in my stolie vest, fell out when i was rollin, have a kershaw respinder now, bit bigger, but its clip has a screw at the top that makes it so the sheath cannot slide out

Mine is stitched horizontally to the left pocket with braided fishing line. Does not interfere with anything.

That’s what I have strapped to my PFD. I have the serrated blunt tip. It has been there for about 3 years now, no problems.