Rescued! - Now Pay For It!

We are in a new world because of social media. There seems to be a competition to see who can take the most dangerous selfie.

If you look around you can see thousands of pictures taken by people who have no idea what they are doing. That needs to stop, and if it takes making an occasional point by charging people for crimes, I am all for it.

I had a new young mule. He was a big strong boy and he over reacted to the cat, bucking me off in the process. I made the first several jumps and then got out of time with his movements. I was coming down when he was going up. I broke my femur in the saddle and then fell off and hit the ground.

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I spend a significant amount of time hating my cell phone because it’ll ring at the damnedest times. Probably most of the time.

But for over a decade until she died it was also the only way that l could get promptly notified of problems as my stepmothers health issues became increasingly complicated. And the ability to call for help if l and my car wind up in an unplanned snowbank at night is a huge improvement over times before carrying it.

So now l have a really fancy one because it has excellent battery life and a lot of options to solve problems. I still hate it some, but a useful tool is a useful tool.

This one takes pretty good photos too.

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Totally agree. The cell phone is a great tool, if you don’t let it run your life. Also, the “tool” doesn’t replace the judgement of the person who wields the tool. In other words, try not to do “stupid” in the outdoors and think a cell phone will save you.


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Every tool has its limitstion. Stay within the limits of your ability. You dont need a parachute if you arent in an airplane.

@Celia : Now that you have a nice phone that takes good pics, are you going to let it lead off trail to get outlandish (and dangerous) selfies, like most of those who need rescue?

Seriously, “outlandish” is not an adjective that I associate with Celia. :thinking: :person_gesturing_no:



Thanks Sing and others
Craig, that is a truly outlandish comment. And needlessly nasty. Having a bad day?

It’s going to be a long winter


Celia it may that Craig just forgot the kidding emoji… Banter sometimes come off badly without the person present.

I find the comment dumb though. None of the fatalities lately in our mountains have involved taking selfies.

Sadly, it happened.

I actually got into trouble hiking Mt. Willard with my girlfriend (now wife) and college roommate. It was summer. We carried too little water. I didn’t hydrate as much as I should have. We spent a couple of hours, enjoying the summit. Coming down and back towards Ethan Pond campsite, I started getting dizzy and fell. I didn’t get hurt but was out of it. My hiking mates pitched tent and we stayed over just off the trail overnight. After eating, drinking and sleeping over night, I was good to go the next day.

Reading about the recent Mt. Willard incident got me thinking about the Hike Safe card for the future, as that is place I used to visit quite a bit in my past backpacking trips.


I was the organizer of a hiking club at work. Since it was work sanctioned any employee was welcome.
Our issues were improper footwear and clothing. Many people we only saw once. Blistered feet, a bit of hypothermia, exhaustion , people not understanding what walking 10+ miles entailed.

I was wondering if that fall was caused by a medical problem… He had no doubt done Willard before.
I am curious if you meant Mount Willey as that is close but on another trail system Ethan Pond Campsite is on the Ethan Pond trail which intersects the Willey Range trail.

Willard is an isolated trail to a 2900 foot peak… Willey is almost 4300… Dig into your memory and go ferret out the maps!

You are right. :+1: It’s Mt. Wiley. Same trail parking at Crawford Notch AMC facility but different trails.


Thinking medical myself, loss of balance.

Consider buying the Hike Safety card anyway, as a donation…according to the article the $25 or $35 helps fund the state’s rescue budget.

@Celia; I owe you a public apology, I stepped out of bounds and apologize.

No, I was not okay at the time, but that crisis has passed and the girl who is almost like a daughter to me is in recovery. It was because of a selfie and I over reacted, sorry.

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Thanks, and not to worry. Anyone who has not ever snapped must be living in a cave.

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Or is a “near saint…” :slight_smile:


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