Resealing air valves on float bags

My air valves (NOC lists them as Roberts valves) have begun to leak air around the seal between them and the tube they are attached to. Any suggestions on the best product to re glue them to the tubing?

I’ve had great success with Aquaseal
I’ve repaired a number of air bag issues with McNett’s Aquaseal … everything from pin holes to a 16" blown seal to valve issues. Hopefully it will work on your tube separation. I think it will as it does stick well to the tube.

Good luck!

Vinyl adhesive

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Such as Vynabond also works. If the valve flange on the inside of the bag is seriously loosening, you may need to reglue the flange to the inside of the bag. This is a bit tricky but can often be done by working through an adjacent dump valve.

If you are ever off where you have no
suitable glue, you can take the tube, bend it back hard on itself, and tie tight around both thicknesses of the tube. I also use this technique when checking for valve leaks versus bag leaks.

Something you might like to keep in your emergency repair kit is some relatively small wire ties, the black UV resistant kind, and if you can find them, the kind that can be released with a little lever or tab. Wire ties can be tightened around the tube and valve, and they can be used to re-tie bag connections that have failed. Easier to thread than ratty cord.