Resealing bulkheads?

Discovered that my rear (foam) bulkhead is leaking pretty severely when the cockpit is full of water. What is the appropriate sealant to use for this? This is an older plastic boat. Thanks.

Available at Lowe’s and /or Home Depot.


Actually, it’s "Lexel"

Lexel is good stuff

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I used it to permanently seal the removeable rear bulkhead on my BBK Recluse because I couldn't get it to seal properly. That was 2 years ago, and still not a drop of water.

Surface prep is real important to ensuring a good seal. Make sure you follow the directions.


Lexel – at ACE or paint stores

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Thanks! Lowes didn't have it but Ace does.

Ditto that
and the link provided above, has a search feature by zip code for local retailers.

sealing blkheads under deck? FLATPICK?
I lexelled where the bulkhead meets hull. Not much of a problem, just reach in there with the caulk gun and smooth out the bead with your finger. Lexel is a sticky mess to work with for me–not a handyman–and it dries white, which would likely hurt the resale value of my plastic Tempest 170. I could only find the white around here.

But getting the part of the seam under the deck–big problem, because on my plastic tempest 170, forward and day hatches are small. I can’t see at all what I am doing, or get into the compartment well with the caulk gun.

On re-enter and rolls, I find my front and day compartements at least half full of water, even though I am religious about making sure the hatches are on all the way, and then rechecking them again a few times.

This is very dangerous if this happened in a real situation, not practice, and makes me really disappointed with my boat. My tempest is like balancing on a log when the front and day compartments are full, and there is no way ot empty them on the water.

Even just touring, without rolling, I find they have a couple cups of water in them. I have no idea why that is, because I use a properly fitted snapdragon skirt.

Please help me here, Flatpick. Its a 2006 boat I bought in April. I sent an email to your kayak. com address (its on the message board here) but haven’t heard back.

You out there, Steve?

He has been on the road
teaching at the Great Lakes Kayak Symposium and one in Door County, WI. He said he was travelling to SC next to work at the factory, so you will probably get an answer soon. Took a basic strokes class from him and it was really good.

For Better Access …
Try hanging the boat upside down and enter the hatch from below… sometimes you can get the gun and your head in… definitely makes getting onto the cockpit easier.

resealing bulkheads
I have a tempest 170 with leaking bulkheads. I put a length of clear flexible tubing (home depot) over the end of the spout on the lexel tube. I used a mirror to see the under deck portion of the bulkhead, and had someone else operate the caulking gun.

This worked very well, I can now carry a dry towel in my front or rear hatch even when rolling. Be careful of the fumes as you a working with your head near or in a confined space