Resealing Dry Bags?

I noticed last week that my lunch was a bit moist. The drybag I use is one of the nylon types with the white coating on the inside. Is there a good way to reseal these? Thanks.

Assuming yours is a roll-top drybag,
if water got on the roll seal, and if the bag endured temperature or pressure changes, then temporary reduction of pressure in the bag can suck small amounts of water clear through the roll closure.

Now, it’s possible your bag has developed leaks through friction nor poking from the environment. If you seal the bag and put pressure on it, you may be able to find those leaks. They can be repaired with Seamgrip, which paints on the nylon outside and soaks into the fabric.

Or, you can buy just one expensive Watershed bag with the heavy fabric and zip top closure.

coating delam
if the white coating has delaminated as mine did then it’s junk.

if it’s a pin hole then some seamgrip or aquaseal will fix it.

Fold de corners in foyst
then do yer foldin’ down. A little trick dat de dry bag makers dun’t tell ye ta do foyst.


article on dry storage…
There is an article on dry storage in a past issue of California Kayaker Magazine, which can be read online for free at (goes right to the article). To read other issues, you can go to

In summary, dry bags are not actually waterproof. If the hatch the dry bag was in had water in it, then it is possible that is why your sandwich was wet.