Researching WG Bell Magic

A 98 White-Gold Magic is on the market near me. I checked out the serial number with Bell and confirmed that the boat is a 98 and white gold. The wood trim looks to be in rough shape, but the hull is supposed to be in very good condition. The seller wants $650 which seems like a fair price. I already have a Prism, but the chance to get a Bell Magic intrigues me. I’ve heard that the WG construction results in a slightly different hull shape than the other Kevlar Magics (flatter bottom). Will there be a noticeable performance difference between a WG Magic and a BG or Kevlight Magic? If the WG Magic is a lesser boat I’ll let this opportunity pass. I plan to check out the canoe pretty soon to verify the hull condition. Thanks for any feedback you have on my concerns.

Wesd could tell ya
but not sure where in the world he is right now. He owned a WG, now owns a BG and has paddled my Kevlight. From the time I’ve spent while boat swapping I didn’t notice a difference worth noting. It’s a great boat, I wouldn’t pass up a deal like that.


Bell Magic
A wealth of information, both general & specific, can be found, by doing an archive search with Bell Magic as the subject.


I’ve searched the archives for “bell magic”, “white gold”, “glass magic”. I was just hoping I’d get some additional comments from some other Magic paddlers.


Try page 5, WHICH BELL CANOE LAMINATES… by Yanoer, Bell Lamination Overview

Thanks Charlie
I doubt I’d be able to tell the difference in the water. If the boat is in good shape I won’t pass on it as I don’t know when I’ll get another chance to buy one locally.


As Pyker said I had a WG and now have a BG. Used both for week long trips in the BW. Cannot say I noticed any diff in performance or rigidity. Went to BG for weight savings while portaging.

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