Reshaping warped royalex

I am attempting to return an older Mad River Rampage whitewater canoe to service. I paid only $100 for it so that tells you how abused and beat up it was. After stripping all the plywood and PVC off the boat (yeah it was seriously rednecked) so only the hull is left, it is readily apparent the boat was probably pinned underwater for a long enough period of time to warp the hull near the bow. One side is concave and the other is convex in an area about 6" high by 14" lengthwise. I have heard that careful even heating can allow the material to be reshaped ( I have a 2000 watt heat gun) but I forgot what temperatures are workeable and at what temperature causes damage? Anybody have knowledge or experience in this area? Thanks

hot enough
to feel the plastic ‘move’ but not enough to melt her. You can still touch it for short periods of time. be sure and warm a large area, even 6" or more wider than the damage.


First thing…
It’s highly recommended that you rerail and re install all of the thwarts before heating. The gunwales and thwarts are vital in giving the cnaoe it’s over all shape and will keep it firm while heating and shaping.

Good luck.