Resin/paint methods for FB?

My kayak suffered some ‘unauthorized repairs’ over the spring, and now needs a good sanding, resin? and paint job. It was repaired with calamine colored putty, so the texture varies throughout the surface. I’d really like to sell my 17’ QCC for as much as possible, so I can downgrade to a touring 14’. Does anyone have suggestions on repair? I figured I’d need to resin to even out texture, then paint. I have no idea what materials to use.

call QCC
The first thing to do is to find out what materials were used in the manufacture of your kayak especially the resin and preferably the outer layer of cloth.

did you say down grade?

it depends

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Without knowing the extent of the original damage, it is hard to know what needs to be done. It sounds like someone patched it with auto body filler.

If the damage is to the gel-coat and not to the fiberglass it can be sanded down and new gel-coat applied. If there are punctures or similar damage to the glass, it will need to have some new glass and resin to repair and reinforce the damaged area and then new gel coat applied.

There is NO paint on a QCC. The color is in the gel-coat.

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