Restoration advice for necky looksha 4

I have a 20 y.o. Necky looksha 4. It’s in good shape but the straps are finally giving up. Is there a recommended place to get the strap material and how does one re-stitch it? Thanks

Try topkayaker com

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I second the suggestion for TopKayaker. I’ve bought many parts for restoration of old boats from them. You can also get webbing of all types and buckles from Seattle Fabrics. But Topkayaker sells strap assemblies for hardshell hatch covers. I just ordered some for an old Northwest kayak that uses the Necky type. Topkayaker stocks a lot of Necky parts.

Best way I have found to add new straps is to hand sew using a Speedy Stitcher awl (REI and many other sources sell them for around $20). Cut the old straps off leaving at least 3" to sew the new strap to. Melt the raw ends of both new and old straps (I use a candle stub) to seal it from unraveling.

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Willowleaf - Thanks for posting about that Speedy Stitcher. I usually just struggle with a big sewing needle, but that looks a lot more manageable.

A lot easier on the hands to have that wooden handle to push the needle through. standard upholstery needles are brutal on my fingers even using a thimble. And if you use the two thread technique (like a sewing machine stitch with one side’s thread passing through the loops of the other side’s) you get a tighter and stronger bond. I use the heavy duty UV resistant outdoor furniture thread that I get at Joann Fabrics. Comes in black and other basic colors.

Works well on leather too.

Yep. I have used mine for a number of projects. so much that I have had to get more needles and thread. Well worth the price if you work in thick materials. Much easier than a pair of saddles stich needles, as Willowleaf said, the handle is a lot easier to work with.

I like the idea of the Speedy Stitcher. The other option would be to use a sail or roping palm.
I own 2 Necky Looksha’s (14.5 and a 17) and learned the lv on them is lower case LV standing for Low Volume!

Topkayaker is very good. Fast shipping and they do have a large inventory. I have a cheap hot knife I use since I’ve done a few and use webbing for other things. Makes it look pretty like the factory did.