Restoring 1995 Mad River Malecite

I need the dimensions so I can place the seats in the correct location. The Malecite had all the wood stripped when I got it. Any info will be appreciated.

Mad River is still making them. See if
someone can either give you the specs, or at least provide a photo from above showing the seats so you can work it out.

New Malecite =/= old Malecite
Get the specs from a boat of the same era. I don’t have one, but I know several that post here do.

center seat
Forget the factory specs.

Place the seat where it trims the boat best with you sitting in it.

the leading edge of my center seat provides a perfect balance when I heft it on my shoulders. May have to move a paddle fore or aft to get a portage carry perfect.

You will be within an inch of two of stock if you figure out the balance point of the hull.

Mine is a '99 (?)
Give me a little time and I’ll get back to you with measurements.

Kanoo, I’ve not heard that Malecite
specs have ever been changed. Nor have Explorer specs ever been changed.

On the seat issue, the OP asked about “seats” and so we’re not talking about a center seat. It is harder to determine placement of tandem seats by trial and error, so one wants to know the factory specs.


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Here's what I got...

Measured from the point of the bow...

Front edge of front thwart - 22".
Seam width between gun'ls at thwart screw - 11 1/2".

Front edge of front seat - 51 1/4"
Rear edge of front seat - 60 3/4".
Seam width at front screws - 24 1/2".
Seam width at rear screws - 27 1/4".
Drop at front screws - 1 7/8".
Drop at rear screws - 1 5/8".

Seam width between gun'ls at center - 33 3/4".

Measured from point of stern...

Rear edge of rear thwart - 21 1/2".
Seam width at thwart screws - 11 3/8".

Rear edge of rear seat - 34 1/8".
Front edge of rear seat - 43 1/4".
Seam width at rear screws - 17 1/4".
Seam width at front screws - 20 5/8".
Drop at rear screws - 1 7/8".
Drop at front screws - 1 5/8".

Rear edge of center seat - 84 3/8".
Front edge of center seat - 93 7/8".
Seam width at rear screws - 32 3/8".
Seam width at front screws - 33 1/8".
Drop at rear screws - 1/2".
Drop at front screws - 1 3/8".

Thwart stock width is 1 1/8".
Seat stock width is 1 1/4".

Gun'l seams line up with outside of hull. Gun'l stock is 3/4" thick. I assume the inwale is rabbeted to thickness of hull - but what I don't know is at what depth the hull is set into the rabbet (as in - how much wood between top of hull and top of gun'l).

edit: Oh - and my boat is a '97, not '99 as I previously guessed from (bad) memory.