Restoring a Canoe

I purchased a 1999 Merrimack Souegan which I am restoring. I need some advise: A couple of the cherry ribs are cracked but there is no outside signs of damage.Merrimack puts 2 coats of vinylester resin on the ribs when new. Should I re-enforse the cracked ribs with cloth when I put the 2 coats of vinylester resin on all the ribs or will the resin by itself be adequite? Also the wood on the outwales and inwales has weathered because the previous owner did not oil them. What is the best way to restore the wood parts ? Any imput will be appreciated.

It’s a slow time of year right now
If this were winter, you’d have a lot of responses by now. I can’t comment whether to use fabric, though I think using fabric is pretty standard practice. I have a wood boat in my garage right now, pending shipping to the owner, which very close inspection reveals is fabric covered, and I know that’s pretty typical for paddles too.

Do an internet search and I think you’ll find one or two groups that specialize in the restoration of vintage canoes. I can’t recall the names of any of those groups, but if you can’t find them, post a note and I’ll help you look.

restoring weathered outwales
I bet you already know the answer to this one and were just hoping that someone had an easier way. Sandpaper and elbow grease.

If they are badly weathered, you can try a scraper or very light cut with a plane or spokeshave, but it easy to get too agressive and remove too much wood.