Restoring an old Iroquois Canoe

i need your help all, Is the company still around, and if so how do i contact them. other wise how do i replace the obviously damaged wasters(sp???) I need your help all on this, desperately.

more info
Not a clue about what you are talking about. Sounds like"wasters"? Start with

What material is the canoe made of?

How old is it?

Describe the part of the canoe that is damaged. Maybe we can help!

More info as requested
Well to start off it is an 18 foot canoe, made of fiberglass, i know i need the metal pieces that go at the end of the rockers. In addition I need the Thwarts for this canoe. I am not certain off hand how many there are, I definately remember 2. any help you can give i appreciate.

Take a deep breath…
…then refer to the following link:

The good folks here at always seem willing to help – but they do need some coherent clues as to what is being asked.