Restoring an OT Tripper

I’m looking to cherry out an Old Town Tripper and was wondering what kind of paint I should use for repainting a an ABS Royalex boat? Also, any links to decals with the old “TRIPPER” would be appreciated.

The boat has been out of production for a long time, so you’ll have to come up with your own replica model name lettering decal, which shouldn’t be that hard to fake.

OT used to offer spray paints that were color matched to the vinyl skin of Oltonar boats - might be worth checking with them to see if anyone knows the RAL paint code that would match, keeping in mind that any area with fresh paint is only going to make the surrounding area look less good.If the vinyl is simply oxidized from age, you might (emphasis on might) be able to remove the oxidation by using rubbing compound gently applied by hand so as not to remove the actual vinyl.

Call Old Town. They might have decals.

Thanks. Been there done that. No go.

Thanks Offshore. It is worth a try.

Ebay has some Oldtown decals.

Krylon Fusion in the rattle can. ACE Hardware has it. It is made for plastics. Use several coats.

I did a solo canoe from blue to white. Holds up pretty good.

Thanks Overstreet I appreciate it.