restoring canoe havent found answer yet

Need help. I am very new to this. I bought a fiberglass canoe(as a project) that I believe was a camp canoe in its previous life. I have stripped(sanded) off about four layers of car primer(black and green) and finally found an orange We-no-nah Fish(?) canoe (off the tag rivited on to the side of the stern) Any way i have a lot of large scratches in the bottom of the boat. I am going to paint it with a one part urathane paint but what do I use to fill in the scratches with?? Just a fiberglass resin? I will be adding skid plates but dont know how to proceed from here.

Any help would be great.


F/G resin
will do just fine, use some cloth on any that are really big or deep. Before you get started, look for any thin spots or through cracks in the fiberglass, and reinforce those as well. You may want to apply the skid plates before you paint though. The epoxy will probably stick better to the sanded FG. The Mohawk site has a very good page on how to repaint a fiberglass canoe, or at least they used to.

by thin spots
do you mean where I can see the pattern of the glass inside the boat as I sand off a layer of paint(have seen)? Or do you mean a spot that feels brittle when you push on it(have not seen)?