Restoring Kayak Finish

It’s my understanding that in the manufacturing process of roto-molded kayaks the initial finish is matte, and that they use a heat gun to make the finish glossy and slick. If this is true, is it possible to use a heat gun to restore the finish of a beat up boat?

I appreciate that dings, dents, and scratches are badges of honor in the kayaking world, and that you have to be very careful with heat guns, but I was curious.

Use 303

glossy finish
The shinier roto boats get shiny from the mold they were produced from. New and/or well polished molds produce smooth glossy finished boats. I don’t think heat guns enter into it.

I’ve heard of people using clothes irons to melt the plastic into a shinier, smoother finish. Try this on a friends boat first.

I’ve found that a high quality yacht wax
shines better, protects as well against UV, and stays on longer.

The heat gun will FOG
your finish. It may actually oxidize the finish if you don’t melt clear through it. 303, Armor All, good wax/cleaner… all good.

I saw Perceptions fresh from the mold.
Shiny as new money.

Use Johnson’s Baby Oil

is that ok for
the fishies in the deep blue sea?

Only the fry, (babies) !