Restoring my 17' Easyrider

I need to redo the inside of my canoe. The fiberglass is getting on me when i use it. Any suggestions? Some say that I should epoxy, but I don’t wan the extra weight. Someone said I can just get away with painting. What are your thoughts?

Was it ever painted before? … What is the red stuff? …Is it delaminating? …or… just fuzzing?

Fiberglass is a cloth and epoxy is a resin, usually used together.
I don’t understand your question.

The exterior looks like it’s new or painted?

I spent a day compounding the outside, then sprayed it down with 303…turned out great.
I have decided to paint the inside with a protective enamel oil based paint.

Make sure the paint will stick to fiberglass. There are epoxy paints that will.