Restoring wood Kayak

Picked up a 18’ wood kayak (single), that just needs some TLC, so I’m looking to identify what kind / type of kayak as well as consultation on restoring. Seems to be in good condition, just needs some surface TLC, BUT, i haven’t water tested it yet to see if its water tight. Want to do this right. I have pics, just don’t know how to post on this string.

Email me with Kayak in subject and i can send pics…

Put your pics on a picture site
And post a link

Or put it up on craigslist and post a link

Or join paddling perks (under the community tab) and you will be allowed to post photos directly

Yes, pictures would be good
Also some basic information

  • construction type - Strip, Plywood stitch & glue, hybrid (plywood hull, strip deck), skin on frame, or something else.

    -details on why it needs restoration would also be helpful