Retail returns/used

Do retailers take returns of kayaks and do they resale them at discounted prices? I’m new to kayaking and don’t want to pay retail for my 1st kayak. I can’t seem to find any on Craigs list either. Any knowledge would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Check the classifieds here
in PA - - and you can’t find a good used boat??

What are you looking for???

Yes, and yes…
Many retailers have demos they discount, as well as returns. I’ve bought 2 kayaks on Craigslist. Exactly what I wanted. Keep looking…something will pop up.

"in PA - - and you can’t find a good used boat??"

I’m in western PA, and have been looking for another kayak (just found one too BTW). It seemed like every kayak on these boards in the classifieds was in eastern PA, and NY City area. Your profile shows eastern PA. I only WISH that I was over your way when I was looking. You’re in the middle of a bunch of good used boats. There are some excellent values in used boats out there.

Specialy retail
Paying full price is a good thing. Then you can use the services of the retail shop to get you into the right boat for what you want instead of the cheap boat. Remember the price is more than the boat, it is a commitment from the dealer to be there when you need them. Most time with discounted product, it is buyer beware.

You wouldn’t go to a brain surgeon that advertised half off.

Nermal is right
I wasted a lot of money shopping for bargains, only to find that the equipment I got was not suitable, so I had to sell it for something else.

A good shop will charge a fair price, but it is so worth it for the good advice you get.

ebay radius
Ebay will show you available boats by miles from your zip code. Use the options on left hand window (e.g. 100 mi). Since, most listings are more than a week long, you only need to check back once a week.

If you are looking for a rec. boat, you might do just as well waiting for an end of seaons sale at an outfitter.

Good luck… Tom.

REI Sale and Returns
REI does accept returns and marks them down for resale. Also, their Labor Day Sale begins tomorrow (Friday) and “select boats” are going to be marked down (plus other gear).

Rentals and guide fleet
Most shops that run tours and rent sell off their entire fleet every two years or less. It’s a write-off for them and you are helping out their situation with financial support just as much as buying new. Most of those outfitters will gladly let you try anything and give you the same good advice as a new item which they can also sell you. Most of the top notch shops have loads of used at the end of the year.

What kind of kayak are you looking for?
Whitewater, flatwater, recreational? Actually, I think buying a used boat is a great idea if it has been stored properly (protected from UV exposure). If you are looking for whitewater boats, you can surely pick up an “old school”, longer kayak for a good price as people trade them in for the more modern shorter boats. I think a longer whitewater boat is also reasonable for general recreational use as well. Check the classified ads here and the gear swap on boater talk ( You might also check with Lehigh Valley Canoe Club classified ads. They have a number of used boats currently listed. Stark Moon Kayaks may not be that far from you. They sell used boats. Give them a call.

Stark Moon

500 Warren Street

Havre De Grace, MD 21078