retire and paddle/fish?

It looks like I may be able to retire early, at

55 or so. I haven’t settled on a location. Crystal

river Florida and Pamlico county North Carolina,

are at the top of my list…The prices of homes

are getting crazy so a water access community

would be fine…I want to be close to a launch…Any

other communites or locations I should check out.


Edenton, NC
more water here for fishing and paddling than you’ll use up in a lifetime. access to the outer banks, the Albemarle Sound, terrific rivers flowing into the Albemarle and perhaps best of all, me to paddle with . hahahahaha.

Step into my office !
We retired three years ago, and our first thoughts were of Florida, but then the more we thought of it we figured if we were living in South Florida we might want to paddle in north Florida and vice versa.

We love to explore and paddle new places, so we finally decided to stay put and got a small travel trailer, which was the best decision for us.

Since we have had it we have spent four months in Alaska, several two month trips to all over Florida, and several to New England.

We have found places that when we finally decide to settle down at perhaps age 100 we might like to live at and others we have crossed off our list for one reason or another.

We have been happy campers since doing this and are thouroughly enjoying our retirement.

Yes the Crystal River area is nice, but there are a zillion other places equal or better.