Retired In Richmond VA

Hi, I’m retired, new to Richmond, slow paddler, bird watcher, photographer - so, flatwater. Any other women who can get out on weekdays? Cheers.

Huguenot Flatwater is a great place to go on the James without the traffic or rapids. Lots of birds.

Thanks, I’m not far from there and looking forward to checking it out.

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I’m up in Front Royal, Virginia and sadly not available during the week. I’m a first timer and really want to get out and give this a go. I’d be willing to join you on a weekend float once my board comes in. I’ll be ready to float by July 1.

I am in Newport News and always looking to paddle if you want to meet somewhere. I unfortunatelyam not retired so it would have to be on the weekends

I realize this post is over a year old, but I too have recently retired and looking for some folks to paddle with during the day. I enjoy any time spent on the water.

I’m still here. Where do you like to paddle? Weekdays are best for me and I hope to get out a couple more times this fall.

We are retired and live in danville area but travel to kayka a lot
Looking other like mined people