Retro-fitting Tempest 170 seat

Hey folks!

I have a Wilderness systems Tempest 170 that is about 5 years old. I want to investigate getting a more comfortable seat rather than putting up with the original seat. I just love the boat, but have never been comfortable in the seat, especially for my back. I am 6 feet, 2 in and 190 lbs.

I would love to hear suggestions you have.

Thanks Everyone!


Rip out the back band and get foam
I think NDK sells foam supports for those who do not like a back band, but I’ve also made them from two yoga blocks.

What I like not in a seat is no back support, just a little extra foam piece at the rear of the seat for sacroiliac support.

What part?
What part in particular about the seat bothers you? I paddle a 170 but mine is from 2007 so while I have the Phase 3 seat, it’s not the “AirPro” one with mesh which I really don’t like.

WS is supposed to have some of the best/most adjustable seats out there so I was curious which part bothers you. If you just need more paddling, you can add that. I find that I’m most comfortable when I raise the front of the seat up and inch or two so that my butt is the lowest point.

I’m curious too
As the T170 is my long distance/rough water boat!

I replaced the seat in my T170 Pro with a foam seat I carved long ago when I attempted to move the stock back a couple of inches. Turned out that the stock seat install had been botched so badly that it couldn’t be moved without a ton of work. It is a well designed seat and I was loathe to mess with it. I had had excellent experience replacing seats with foam, though, so I carved one.

Never looked back. I have spent up to 9 hours at a time in this without unreasonable discomfort. I set the stock backband so that it just hangs back there and only touches my back when I learn way back against the coaming. It doesn’t touch me when I paddle.

After carving a dozen or so foam seats I have come to believe that I can make a butt ugly seat but I can’t make a bad one. Every single foam seat that I have made, including “Frankenseat”, my first attempt, has improved comfort and my paddling performance. Just do it. You’ll like the results.