retrofit drysuit socks

I’m thinking about replacing my ankle gaskets with latex socks. I considered gore-tex, but that doesn’t seem to be available DIY. I saw socks at NRS and OS System, both which look like they have a seam down the center of the sole. Also saw “3D socks” with a more boot like shape at

Any thoughts or experiences on brands or styles or ease of install? Thanks

I love my
gortex booties, but as a DIYer, you may want to consider latex booties. Almost as easy as a seal… same material and aquaseal…

latex socks
The latex socks I am familiar with eg Brooks, OS among others don’t have a seam, but they have a sharp fold along the length of the sock which looks a bit like a seam until you see them in real life.

I highly recommend socks wheher latex or fabric; so much more comfy and cuts down on donning time.

Pretty easy to do the replacement yourself too.

Good luck


search for Gor-Tex socks
or goretex.

It’s easy to add latex socks…
…to a suit that has latex seals. I’ve done it on a couple of dry suits and have DIY pics on Webshots at:

Gore-tex replacements are not available and dry suit manufacturers will not retrofit them to a suit that didn’t come with them.

Latex socks
Goretex socks may be more comfortable than latex (I’ll get them with my next drysuit), but latex socks are such a HUGE improvement over ankle gaskets, and so easy to install, that you should just go ahead and put them on. You will not regret it.

Not true
At The Jersey Paddler (JP), my wife bought a Kokatat dry suit with ankle gaskets because that was the only kind of women’s dry suit that was available in time for our trip. After the trip, JP sent the dry suit back to the factory, and the gaskets were replaced with Gore-Tex socks.

i am certaint hat if you offered
this comapny enough $$ they would put gor-tex on for you…

that is who stohlquist sent me to for cstom stuff on their drysuit…

Thanks for your responses. I definitely want to do this DIY, so I realize Goretex is not going to be an option. Can’t wait to get rid of the gaskets, so latex seems the way to go.

Bryan, thanks for your photo link. It sounded pretty staightfoward, but it is nice to see some actual instructions and pictures.

Alex, thanks for clarifying that, the online pictures look like they are seamed down the sole.

Kokatat retrofitted mine w/ Gore-socks
I sent my drysuit out last November when I finally tore an ankle gasket. It’s a 2002 suit and they had no problems putting the goretex socks on. It is MUCH nicer now.