retrofit skeg (kit??)

Thanks from input from many people on this Board (esp LEEG) Im going to build a pygmy Coho.

Im pretty well set on how im going to set everything up except what to do for a skeg.

based on info from several coho paddlers and knowing my home water a skeg will be handy.

Ive have noticed however not too many aftermarket kits even from manufacturers . building a skeg myself is doable but id rather spend time on the boat vs building components time is limited.

any suggestions??? looks like superior Kayak skeg is a good value and a nice unit , ONNO is way too $$$ kari teck rope and wire skegs are priced OK (based on UK ) where do you purchase kari tek and do they glass in OK??? skeg boxes look plastic?? CLC Style (yuk)

lake geroge Kayak advised that they can get me the new P&H skeg kit for 45.00 BUT!!!<

I called P&H and found out “the KIT” doesnt come with the skeg box(the hard part of building a skeg ) just the blade as P&H skeg ready kayaks all have boxes molded in.

any suggestions ???

many thanks


ask around
It is possible there is a totaled PH boat with the skeg box intact somewhere.

Ask on the KBBB
Many more builders over there.

That said, anything ONNO makes is $$ but wonderfully good (or so I’m told).

DIY skeg: easy
John, too bad you can get the skeg blade (and cable) but not the box.

There are 4 main components in cable sliding skeg: the control box/slider, the housing (where the cable slides in), the skeg blade box and the skeg/cable bit.

You can make your own stuff easily.

If you are going to build a Coho, making the skeg should be a piece of cake.

If interested I have documented a step-by-step construction of a skeg that I retrofitted onto a ruddered kayak.

I have never built a kayak but found building the skeg doable.

For a detailed account with photographs on how to DIY skeg check:

carbon skeg is a work of ART! It pulls almost straight down like a fin, which is better for rough water, almost rudder like. Very high quality!

Had both Arctic Terns…
never had a Coho but paddled with them. It was always my impression that the Coho was better served by a rudder than a skeg to increase the turning rate.

Simple to build one
This is not my design but I picked it up off the KBB board. It’s butt simple, it’s easy to build and it works. If you need to replace the blade of the bungee it’s not that hard to do. Just not worth buying one since it is so simple to make.

Just mock up one on the bench and make sure everything it right before you put it in the boat.

The pictured skeg works fine and really isn’t all that tricky to make. Not tricky at all compared to the kayak. All made from plywood, you’ll have lots of experience with that material with the kit.

Bill H.